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Air-Seal Products Ltd

AIR-SEAL Tyre Sealant (incl. VAT)

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Bottles of AIR-SEAL (950ml) sealant designed to greatly reduce the probability of punctures, or slow air leaks. It can be used in both on and off road vehicles, for sporting and leisure activities. 

To install this sealant, the 950ml bottles include a valve core tool, installation tubing, and full instructions for ease of use. 

Suitable for use in the following tyre types:

Trailers - caravans, all trailer types, horseboxes and other similar vehicles.
General - quad bikes, golf carts, large lawn tractors, wheel barrows, wheel chairs, and bicycles.
4x4 on/off-road - recommended application - on-road 475ml/tyre and off-road 950ml/tyre.

May NOT be compatible with all TPMS sensors.