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Air-Seal Products Ltd

Heavy Duty BIB Tyre Sealant (incl. VAT)

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The bag in a box (BIB) product is a sturdy compact box filled with eight bags of tyre sealant, each bag containing three litres of product. Rather than the traditional pail and pump system, which allows product to be installed into a fitted tyre at pressure. To install the BIB, the tyre bead needs to be broken from the wheel rim and contents of the bag simply emptied into the tyre chamber. Due to the installation method, this product will be particularly useful for tyre fitters and businesses that are fitting their own tyres.

The BIB product contains Air-Seal’s well-known Heavy Duty tyre sealant, the business has made it clear that there are no changes to the technology of the product, merely the way it is packaged.

Please note: The bead will need to be broken to install this product.