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Air-Seal Products Ltd

Hydro Seal Tyre Sealant (incl. VAT)

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Hydro-Seal (20 litres) is formulated specifically for water-ballasted tyres. Tyre sealants that are formulated for use in air-filled tyres will separate when mixed with water, making them ineffective. However, this sealant is designed to overcome this problem. 

It is a puncture preventative sealant, which disperses uniformly in water-based ballast. It is fully compatible with anti-freeze used in sub-zero conditions. When used at a mix of 1 part sealant per 10 parts of ballast, most flat-tyre costs and flat tyre downtime will be eliminated. The correct amount of sealant, for the volume of water, must be installed for the sealant to perform correctly.

The sealant is water washable for easy handling, easy installation, and easy removal. It will not damage the tyre casing and will last the life of the tyre. When properly installed, Hydro-Seal will seal punctures up to 13mm and can be used in both tubeless and tube type tyres. 

Hydro-Seal is supplied in 20 litre pails and can be sold with a specifically engineered installation pump for ease of use. 

Not included: Installation Pump and Valve Core Key are supplied separately.